Ginta Kurienė –General Practitioner (GP) – Odontologist.
  • 2010-2015 - the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU). Acquired Master‘s diploma of odontologist, odontologist‘s professional qualification.
  • 2010-2015 – internship practice done in UAB ,,Dalidenta‘‘ in Kaunas and in UAB ,,Neodantė‘‘ in Jonava.
  • Training event “Bite lifting with composites. Fast and efficient filling of molar teeth. Tooth preparation for prosthesis by fixed dentures. Cyclic fatigue and fractures of rotary endodontic instruments. Ceramic surface processing methods, structural analysis”, Kaunas (duration - 8 hrs., 15/11/2015).
  • “Basics of dental implants prosthetics”‘, dr. Eglė Vindašiūtė, Kaunas (28/01/2015).
  • Theoretical seminar “EFP protocol and adhesive odontology: diagnostics and treatment planning in simple and complex occlusive rehabilitation”, Kaunas (duration - 8 hrs., 24/01/2015).
  • Conference “Progress in odontology - towards perfection”, Kaunas (duration - 8 hrs., 05/12/2014).
  • Theoretical-practical seminar “Aesthetic front and back teeth restoration with composites and glass ionomers. Restoration of an endodontically treated molar teeth with the glass fiber composite EverL and direct mantle”, Kaunas. (duration– theory (3 hrs.), practice (5 hrs.), 21/-2/2014).
  • International Conference “Perfection in Dentistry. World Leader‘s Aims and Achievements”. (duration– two days (16 hrs.), (14/16)/11/2013).
  • UAB ,,Unidento‘‘organized a theoretical seminar “Main aspects of front teeth aesthetic restoration for seeking perfection” (duration – 8 hrs., 05/11/2015).
  • International scientific and practical conference “Endodontics 2015”, Vilnius (duration – 24 hrs., 27/28/11/2015.
  • Seminar “Daily aesthetic restoration of front teeth. Style Italiano”. (duration – 8 hrs., 21/10/2015).
  • Theoretical courses “Composite restorations - art of functions and aesthetics”, Vilnius (duration – 8 hrs., 09/10/2015).
Other activities
  • Since 2015 – member of the Odontologist's Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Since 2015 - member of the Lithuanian Endodontology Society.

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