Vilma Švalkauskienė – orthodontist, doctor of medicine sciences.
  • 2002 y. graduated Dentistry at Kaunas Medical University.
  • 2005 y. graduated Orthodontics at Kaunas Medical University.
  • Angle II class and completion of treatment with belly braces (2011-03-07/08, Kaunas).
  • Orthodontic mini-implants: from theory to clinical practice (2011-05-26, Kaunas).
  • VII Congress of the Baltic Association of Orthodontists (2011-03-27/28, Kaunas).
  • Current ideas for orthodontic treatment of mandibular abdominal joint disorders (2011-10-03, Vilnius).
  • Interdisciplinary aspects of craniomandibular disorder (2012-10-26/27, Kaunas).
  • Completion of Orthodontic Treatment (2013-10-09, Kaunas).
  • Complicated Clinical Cases in Orthodontics (2013-10-26, Kaunas).
  • Treatment of Orthodontic abnormalities (2013-12-13, Kaunas).
  • Management of hospital infections in dental offices (2014-06-14, Kaunas).
  • Orthodontic treatment for adults (2014-06-14, Kaunas).
  • Theoretical and clinical peculiarities of the use of mini-implants in Orthodontists (2014-10-03, Kaunas).
  • Development of Internal Quality System and Audit Documents at the Personal Health Care Institution (2015-11-16, Kaunas).
  • Open coat: diagnostok and treatment (2015-11-06/07, Kaunas).
  • Angle Class II Anomalies Treatment with Herbst Machine: Clinical Aspects (2016-02-05, Kaunas).
  • The technology of non-removable orthodontic apparatus and the communication between the dentist and the dental technician (2016-09-29/30, Kaunas).
Other activities
  • Since 2005 y. Member of the Chamber of Dentistry of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Since 2005 y. Member of the Lithuanian Orthodontics Union.

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